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Quick Guide to Travel Accessories For Divine/Spiritual Places

Many people discover that travel is a metaphor for the spiritual journey, even as tourism has become a multi-billion-dollar industry. The steps we take to reach a spiritual destination are also preparation, departure, the daunting road, and arrival. Still, the spiritual journey goes within instead of embarking on undiscovered countries of the world.

You have joined the ranks of spiritual pilgrims if you want more than a “vacation,” literally vacating or “getting away from it all,” or if you believe travel can intensify your spiritual value, assist you in making life decisions, or unshackle a discouraged soul. While the word “pilgrimage” conjures images of fervent religious devotees struggling to reach a divine destination for months, modern pilgrimage involves visiting secular sites, tracking family roots, or paying tribute to parts of the world, objects, or theories that have enriched your life.

Spiritual Travel has become a popular trend. To allow time for lessons on the cultural history and folk tales of the area, trips are paced slowly here.
Participants spend several hours at the venues, with free time to write in journals and perform private ceremonies. People change from the beginning of the trip to the end. They become more relaxed; some have new insights or look different. Emotionally, these places of power are healing, perhaps because they offer an opportunity for reflection.

A trip to the divine place is the most noteworthy aspect of a tour. Packing the right items can make the tour relaxing and significant. Your journey starts in the preparation stage from the second you state “yes” to your inward stirrings. Right from choosing the right traditional wear to comfortable slippers, divine place packing needs to be well-structured. There are many divine items that you should carry and must be well informed about earlier. Traveling itself is an emotional experience but planning and visiting a divine palace is a new emotional experience in itself.

Here is a quick guide to interesting travel accessories for Divine/Spiritual places:

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Meditation Bowl Set

Travel Accessories For Divine/Spiritual Places

This Meditation bowl by eSplanade is an unquestionable requirement to carry for your meditation experience. This meditation bowl is of high quality made by Nepal artisans. Serene reverberation transmitted by this bowl synchronizes the brainwaves and goes about as a healing treatment, ideal for yoga, meditation, and prayers. This Himalayan singing bowl set comes with a wooden striker and hands sewn pad producing harmonical sound for meditation and relaxation. It can be effortlessly conveyed in your suitcase to the sacred places. It can easily fit in your palm, and you can encounter a passionate healing treatment with this bowl set.

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Yoga Kit

Yoga kit

Clever Yoga’s products are designed by yogis, for yogis – meaning they understand what yogis want their products to look like, feel like, and do for them.

This essential set has all the tools necessary to help you master the basic skills and improve and enhance your practice. It also contains everything for the intermediate or advanced yogi looking to take on more advanced and challenging poses and practice.

Set includes One lightweight BetterGrip Yoga Mat; one cotton 8 foot Yoga Strap; two EVA foam Yoga Blocks; matching microfiber yoga mat and hand towels, and carrying case.

A must travel kit for your spiritual journey

Bodhi Seed Mala

Travel Accessories For Divine/Spiritual Places

This Bodhi Seed Mala is produced using valuable Bodhi seed from Bodhgaya’s Bodhi tree (where Gautam Buddha got illumination). It is mainstream among Tibetan Buddhists. Hold this beady meditation jewelry having 108 seeds to recite mantras when you are at your divine place. You can tie it to your wrist as well. It retains the oil content in your body and gets gleaming after long use. It is flexible as it is hung with a nylon string. The package comes with a cotton pocket to keep the mala and can be effectively conveyed to your spiritual places.

Tone Therapy Speakers

Tone Therapy

Meditation is now quick, easy, and effective. Just press ON, and listen for 3 minutes, twice a day. To the eyes, n.o.w. looks like two speakers. But to the ears, n.o.w. is an experience of Oneness and an aid to awakening.

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n.o.w. stands for New Origin Waveforms—unique, created in-the-moment sequences of peaceful tones based on the ancient Pythagorean tuning system used for sound healing. In just 3 minutes you’ll feel re-focused, re-energized, and ready to face the day’s challenges more calmly.


Travel Accessories For Divine/Spiritual Places

A Sarong by Soul of Bengal is one of the most helpful and flexible things for a pilgrim to carry. A sarong is of utmost religious or spiritual importance. When outsiders visit certain Theravada Buddhist monasteries, holy places, and stupas or Hindu temples in Asia, they need to cover knees, shoulders, and even their whole legs before they can enter the spiritual place.

Sound Therapy Speakers

Sound therapy speakers

The sleep-inducing magic of a Yogasleep sound machine makes falling asleep as easy as pushing a button, this machine is portable and perfect travel gadgets. The Whish has 16 snooze-worthy sound options including nature sounds, sleep songs, and meditation soundtracks. With two timer options, six-hour and eight-hour run times, and robust volume control. White noise is a 100% natural solution for getting the high-quality sleep you deserve. Enjoy a night of deep sleep without the grogginess of sleeping pills. The steady sound of white noise helps you get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer. It is powered by a standard 120 Volt plug or can convert to a USB powered device.

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Meditation Mat

Travel Accessories For Divine/Spiritual Places
Travel Accessories For Divine/Spiritual Places

This foam yoga mat by NutriBuck is ideal for performing yoga. The twofold slip and tear resistance keep you from injury. It is moisture resistant and can be effortlessly washed. It gives firm support to your hips, spine, elbows, and knees, hence supporting your yoga poses. You can undoubtedly do any style of yoga on this mat. The yoga mat incorporates straps with Velcro and can be effortlessly rolled and conveyed to yoga centers.

Aroma Oil Mist Diffuser

Aromatherapy speakers

The beautiful Aroma Meditation Oil diffuser by iHome produces mist, which gives a calming impact to the room, completely ideal for performing yoga or meditation. Only one or two drops of essential oil can be added to this diffuser.

Create A Calming Environment With The Combination Of Light, Sound, And Aroma Therapy With The Zenergy. This Is The Ultimate Therapy Machine For The Mind, Body, & Soul. Refresh Your Senses In A Whole New Way

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It has six different sound therapy tracks / 7 different color therapy modes and an aroma diffuser with essential oils (no water needed) designed to calm your mind, lower your breathing and heart rate and prepare your body for sleep. Complete your Zenergy mission with the ease of use with a remote control to handle all your functions from the bed.

It can be effectively pressed in your suitcase and conveyed to your meditation and yoga center. You can encounter a soothing climate while performing meditation or yoga and feel loose with this fragrance oil diffuser.

A Guidebook

At the point when you’re going to an unfamiliar spiritual place, there is barely anything that can be more helpful than a well-informed, elegantly composed up-to-date guidebook. Spending cash on transport to get to an exhibition hall, sanctuary, or other spots to find that it’s shut because you had no chance of knowing the timings in advance. A manual will educate you about which dates represent top occasions,  national holidays, religious holidays, and other peak times to visit a sacred place. It also helps in knowing when the accommodation prices are high.

Visiting a sacred or religious site triggers physical, mental, enthusiastic, and spiritual impacts. Being connected to spirituality reduces the lower risk of reckless practices, such as self-destruction, smoking, medication, and liquor misuse. Furthermore, it prompts absolute life fulfillment.  With the best items in your bag, enjoy the beauty and peace of any divine place.



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