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Top 10 Health and Wellness Travel Trends for 2021

Themes over the last year have included home quarantine and hand sanitizer, lockout, operating from home, and social distancing. However, now that vaccinations are affordable, 2021-2022 may offer us optimism and the opportunity to put away our pandemic pajamas and dust off our travel bags.

With personal wellbeing on everyone’s mind, wellness tourism is predicted to be the most common travel trend in 2021. As policymakers across the globe plan to reopen their borders to tourists, the travel industry is preparing to meet the unprecedented demand for physical, spiritual, and emotional health and wellness packages.

Experts predicted at the latest Global Wellness Summit in November that demand for health and wellness therapies will eclipse conventional services. “Wellness has been the cool kid on the block,” said Cecelia Girr, senior Strategist at Backslash, a cultural insight team operated by ad agency TBWA Worldwide.

So let’s learn more on this with the top 10 Health and Wellness Trends for Travelers in 2021. But before we get started, I invite you to join our traveler’s community where you share your travel stories and meet new travelers around you. Also, you can follow me on Instagram to get the latest travel news and updates around the world.

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1. Extended Vacations

All of us have slowed down due to the pandemic and the ensuing lockdown; we have altered the tempo of our days. Instead of adjusting to the hectic travel plans they had previous to the pandemic; more visitors are expected to calm down and sign up for prolonged stays at relaxation retreats. Numerous therapeutic centers are selling packages with a minimum stay of 10 to 15 days, during which visitors may choose from a variety of tension relief, weight reduction, and other therapies.


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2. Digital Detox Vacations

The increasing reliance on smartphones has been a growing problem over the last decade, and with the majority of us cooped up at home, the use of tablets, computers, smart TVs, and other gadgets has increased. However, travelers in 2021 are supposed to disconnect from their smartphones and reconnect with their surroundings.

Instead of scrolling on social media, digital detox vacations should have areas where tourists can immerse themselves in books and the sounds of nature. Letting go (even if only for a short while) of digital virtues calms the mind, gives the eyes a break, and encourages people to make better use of their time.

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3. Vacations for Stress and Anxiety Reliefs

According to a Massachusetts General Hospital report, the pandemic has exacerbated psychiatric disorders of patients suffering from depression and anxiety. In addition, long stretches of loneliness, depression at the passing of loved ones, loss of jobs, a lack of social activity, and fears of being sick have contributed to a slew of mental health problems.

Tourists will be able to alleviate the stress of the year 2021 by traveling to tropical beaches to strengthen their mental wellbeing. Any retreats include consultations of on-site counselors, yoga classes, and therapeutic exercises that help them feel better.

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4. Vegan-friendly Holidays

Vegan resorts are making their way on the visitor map, whether the aim is to eat healthily or practice sustainability. These companies are projected to grow in 2021 while the focus continues on fitness and wellbeing. Several such centers combine a healthier diet with healthy fitness by offering bike tours, meditation, and spa treatments.

5. Fitness and Weight Loss vacations

Many residents have been unable to maintain their everyday exercise routines due to the closure of gyms, beaches, and swimming pools. Exercise posts, flat-abs competitions, and applications that vowed to transform every room in your house into a fitness area proliferated on social media.

However, without a teacher to keep track of everything or the need to wear those slim-fit jeans, many people find themselves spending their days on the sofa, working through their stock of canned treats. When the travel and entertainment industry reopens in 2021, a wellness vacation may be exactly what is required to shed those pandemic pounds.

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6. Fitness Retreats for Families

When we think about wellness vacations, we typically think of a solitary experience. Planning a community health trip with partners, parents, or infants, on the other hand, may help ease some of the domestic tension accumulated by living in tight quarters during 2020.

Wellness retreats for families include a range of opportunities for both adults and adolescents. Joining the kids in a morning yoga session is not only good for their overall health, but it can also become a new opportunity for you to communicate with them. Workshops in crafts, dance, and music are also accessible.

7. Bio-hacking your way to Optimal Health

Bio-hacking is a lifestyle movement that began in 2020 and is projected to continue into 2021, taking self-care to the next stage. According to Tony Robbins’ website, biohacking is a scientifically-charged version of self-enhancement that involves “bending our chemistry and physiology by science and experimenting with energizing and stimulating the body.”

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It is focused on deciding the proper dietary habits and lifestyle for the particular body form. In addition, it may provide the ability to detox and develop a lifestyle regimen by extended fasting, red light therapy, vitamins, and music therapy when paired with a calming atmosphere.

Bio-hacking packages at wellness resorts are often guided and educated by clinical professionals in the area to help visitors become a better version of themselves.

8. Ecotourism and Sustainable travel

In 2020, citizens were more aware of the need to minimize their carbon footprint and be environmentally conscious due to forest fires, flooding, and droughts. This has also affected leisure, which has seen an increase in sustainable enterprises.

Many foreign visitors are required to recognize environmental conditions while planning their travel and accommodations. Wellness resorts have now begun to follow green marketing strategies and encourage their visitors to take walking and bike trips while on vacation.

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9. Immune-boosting holidays

If 2020 has educated us something, it is to rest, live healthily, and engage in our personal wellbeing. Immunity booster vacations meet these needs by including socially isolated retreats that provide a mix of power-packed meals and activity that has been fine-tuned by a team of nutritionists and fitness specialists.

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10. Nature Escapes

Despite the provision of vaccinations, social distancing is projected to persist into 2021 as citizens take precautions. If you want to move away from the crowds,, the world’s wildernesses are waiting for you.

Vacations in remote eco-locations such as jungles, private beaches, and mountains are common options for the wellness tourist seeking to commune with nature.

Green hotels and eco-resorts would be on several people’s bucket lists as health becomes a big concern in the aftermath of the pandemic. In addition, nature-therapy therapies may now be available at wellness centers to tap into the body’s self-healing powers.

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So what do you have to say about this? Do you feel these trends relatable for you or do you have some other things in your mind? Do you ??? I will happy to learn more Do let me know in the comments if you have something to share. Until then, I’ll prepare another useful post for you to make your travel easier, happier, and memorable. Good Luck, keep traveling, keep exploring, keep loving.



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