Staycations & Short Trips Will Be Next Wave in Indian Hospitality Industry

Traveling internationally is not going to be on the cards for a bit. Apart from the fact that we can’t, nations haven’t opened borders to Indian tourists. If the mode or means of transport will not be accessible, this would not deter us from traveling. With itineraries being more domestic, there is a solid chance that the recent travel pattern of stays and short trips will only further revive the Indian tourism industry. This trend or process is being called as Staycations.

Native Travel Is Going To Be The Next Travel Trend For Indians

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It can either be described as an unwillingness to travel abroad or a desire to visit the world now, but industry analysts expect that there will be a massive change in the way people go on vacation. Traveling inside the nation will be a common alternative now because it’s going to be far more affordable. Rohit Kapoor, CEO of Oyo Rooms, India and South Asia, says, “In the second half of 2020 and 2021, domestic travel will begin in India. Because international travel will become more difficult due to structural factors and many other variables, people would choose to explore their own world.”

He adds, “Tourism as an instinct wouldn’t go away. Then if people can’t go abroad, the whole market will go back to India when they start searching for domestic alternatives.” This could also lead to new destinations in India. What may potentially be considered distant is now assumed to be the perfect place for a holiday that requires adequate social distance.

Road Travel Would Become The Most Favorite Mode Of Transport

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As laws have been relaxed in different states, we see that nobody is stopping drivers from reaching the highway. Yes, air travel might appear to be the easiest way to go, but many people want not to go ahead until necessary. In reality, they want to pick up their car or book a taxi and go on a road trip.

According to numerous news sources, almost 700 people visited the state in five days as soon as Himachal Pradesh opened its borders. People register for e-passes to fly to various conditions. It’s not even necessary for certain nations. Road trips are still a secure form of travel for individuals, allowing them not to contact others.

Staycations Will be a New Way to Holiday

Several Indian states have quarantine laws. Some ask you to book a minimum stay of 5 to 7 days, while others recommend a minimum stay of 14 days. To fly across any Indian state, you will require a medical certificate stating that you do not have a Covid-19 infection. With too much time to prepare and execute a tour, travelers will also want to stay back for a while and refresh themselves before they wish to go back.

Many hotels and boutique properties in India now sell packages that will enable people to operate from their respective properties. Now that most of us are still working from home, all that is required is a decent internet connection, even though you’re sitting in the middle of the forest with a picnic basket. Knowing that there are just email deadlines and not that you need to go back to your hometown, being in a new place would surely be a relief after spending more than 100 days in your home’s four walls.

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Health and well-being would therefore take priority. So, spa resorts will have a lot of provisions in place to provide their visitors with a healthy atmosphere.

Manoj Khetan, the co-founder of Naad Wellness, based in Sonipat, says, “Naad is up and going, and now part of the healthcare sector, our safety, and hygiene levels are in line with the country’s leading hospitals. Present procedures included health monitoring of all workers before the reunion, infrared temperature screening of all visitors and colleagues at the entry, and at daily intervals, 100% emphasis on the sanitization of rooms, public spaces, counseling rooms, and medical facilities. We would also have the RFID marking of linen at one of the finest laundry facilities in the world, which the country’s leading hospitals also use.”

Seventy-Four Percent of People Feel Like Their First Trip Will be Domestic Destination

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We’ve recently done a survey and found that almost 74% of people believe that the first trip to Covid would be to a domestic destination. There’s been a big buzz going around #VocalForLocal. We’re also seeing how people apply it to some other way of life, and we’ll soon see it on the road as well. Several Indian destinations are on par with international destinations.

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The Sam sand dunes of Jaisalmer would give the Sahara Desert a tough competition. And let’s not forget the legendary India Gate, which leaves you in awe as compared to the Arc De Triumph in Paris.

With the exploration and change in choices, these programs will provide ways for small entrepreneurs to thrive. From restaurants to artisans and luxury resorts owned by locals and offering fantastic experiences, they’ll catch up. The discovery of domestic destinations as holiday locations may only be a band-aid that the Indian tourism industry needs to recover.

Final Words

So buckle up travelers, get ready for your nearest sightseeing and explore the local beauty which you haven’t done yet. Tell us in the comments below what you will be planning under this concept. I am sure there are many places nearby you which you haven’t experienced yet even after exploring the faraway places. If you like to read about more related updates, then don’t forget to follow Cleopatra’s Travel on Instagram for more travel news and inspirations. Here are some destinations you can visit in India if it’s nearby you. Check it out:-

This is all for today. We will get back to you with more solid travel related news and inspirational stories to save your time and effort and make your travel experience even better.

Till then, Be Safe, Stay Healthy, Don’t Stop, Keep Traveling.



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