Our anniversary and our daughter’s birthday all fall in February, because this is the month where we usually head out and search for local spots where we can spend quality time together. We wanted to celebrate our daughter’s birthday, as described in our previous blog where we reviewed U Tropicana Resort & Spa, Alibaug, and we already had a property in mind, Radisson Blu Resort and Spa in Alibaug.

The Radisson Blu Resort & Spa – Alibaug, India offers a tranquil resort getaway with manicured lawns and sparkling water features. The Radisson Blu Alibaug, with 156 hotel rooms, suites, and villas on lush, manicured grounds, provides each guest with a personal escape.

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Things to do at The Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Alibaug

The bars offer a wide range of trendy beverages, from frothy espresso creations to traditionally handcrafted cocktails. Their Lounge Bar’s modern atmosphere is perfect for sipping an aperitif or an after-dinner cocktail.

The Piano Lounge is the ideal place to socialize with friends while enjoying a bottle of wine and live music.



Put on your dance shoes and move over to Razz Ma Tazz, which is situated next to the entertainment room, if you’re looking for high-energy fun and entertainment.

Radisson Blu - Alibaug
Radisson Blu - Alibaug
Radisson Blu - Alibaug

Swim in their sparkling swimming pool or work out in their well-equipped exercise room.

If you want to unwind and rejuvenate, book a massage at our full-service spa or curl up with a good book in our delightful on-site library.

Each space has Wi-Fi and a TV with mirror casting, so you can keep the kids occupied while you enjoy a spa treatment or relax in the refreshing rain tub. Do you want to take advantage of a relaxing morning? Thanks to 24-hour room service, you can brew coffee in your room and enjoy a tasty breakfast in bed.

During your stay at the Radisson Blu in Alibaug, you will indulge your senses with delectable options for every meal at our on-site restaurants. Aparanta is a family-friendly restaurant that serves foreign favorites as well as a tasty children’s menu.

Radisson Blu - Alibaug
Radisson Blu - Alibaug

If you’re looking for a more refined dining experience, Kokum & Spice offers typical Indian cuisine in an upscale atmosphere.


In our Alibaug, India meeting rooms, you will make lasting memories. The Radisson Blu Resort & Spa – Alibaug, India has more than 5,600 square feet of the indoor event area, which is ideal for business meetings and social gatherings. You can enjoy access to the new audiovisual equipment, printing facilities, and a built-in sound system in their conference rooms, in addition to temperature and light management systems.

The Radisson Blu is conveniently located for convenient access to the best stuff to do in Alibaug, such as visiting Kankeshwar Temple and Kolaba Fort. The city’s coastal climate is host to a diverse range of bird and animal species, and a visit to the Karnala Bird Sanctuary or Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary allows you to see them in their natural environment. Are you about to suck up those rays? Beautiful nearby beaches such as Varsoli, Alibaug, and Nagaon are only a quick drive away.  For more details to visit in and around Alibaug check our review for U Tropicana Resort and Spa, Alibaug.

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To summarise, we had a relaxing stay at the Radisson Resorts and Spa in Alibaug, which we combined with an adventure of water sports at Kashid Beach. The Resort presented me with all of the luxury and entertainment that one might expect on a vacation.

I checked out the mini-golf course, tennis, cricket, basketball, and even picked some ripe mangoes. At the resort, there are many indoor and outdoor opportunities for people of all ages.

The Bombay Store, located inside the Resort, has a lovely range of home décor.

The only factor I believe they can adjust is their check-in period. Though they do send the room sooner if it is open, 3 pm is a very late check-in period; I hope they adjust the time to make it a little earlier. Besides, we considered the poolside service to be very sluggish.

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We had a fantastic time and plan to return shortly. Overall, we might claim that our two-day holiday went by without a hitch.

So that’s it from my side on this beautiful and relaxing place. This is an amazing place for corporate as well as family people. However, If you would like to keep things on more greener side, You can also choose to stay in U Tropicana Resort and Spa in Alibaug.

Let m know in comments below if you have been to Alibaug, what place did you choose to stay and how was your whole experience. i would love to hear it from you.

If you are a frequent traveler and want to be updated about travel news, you can follow us on Instagram. I will come up with another interesting place this time soon. Till then, I wish you safe travels and good health. Keep exploring.



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We don’t spam! Read our privacy policy for more info.

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