Covid 19 Travel Essentials

Post Covid-19 Travel Essentials | 9 Products to Keep You Safe

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The whole world had to face a new challenge unknowingly from November 2019 which continues to exist till date. With every country under the wrath of the global pandemic of Covid-19, everything came to a pause within nanoseconds. With people getting prone to this deadly virus in billions, the most affected sector has been the travel industry.

With restrictions on every single corner of the travel, it has become impossible and too risky to travel. Travel companies, hotels, restaurants, and all such places that were once a hub for entertainment have witnessed risky, contaminated zones for consecutive months.

A New Normal in the Travel Industry

People have now realized that sitting at home and waiting for this pandemic to get over is not the solution. The way out is to take your own precaution and lead the life. Taking precautions, carrying necessary stuff, maintaining 24/7 hygiene, have become a very crucial part of this New Normal. There has been a revolutionary change in the travel accessories required whether it is for short trips or overseas travel. Looking at the current situation, we have compiled a list for POst covid-19 Travel essentials that are must carry for any kind of road trip and long-drives.

Things To Carry While Traveling During Covid-19

Agree or not, travel is the riskiest thing to do. Be it traveling by flight or a bus, the seats, the window panes, everything is potent contamination. The virus stays on metals for days together and you never know if the seat you are seated on is infected or not. You don’t know if the passenger travelling was infected or not. This uncertainty is high during travel hence requires essential items and accessories for safety. Most of these items do not take much space and can easily fit inside your handbags or backpacks.

Although, covid is a barrier to your enjoyment but we all know that at this time nothing matters more than the safety and a healthy body. Carrying these healthy and precautionary accessories ensure that you are on a safe trip.

Masks (Surgical Masks preferred)

post covid-19 travel essentials

The most important and crucial item that you must carry while traveling is a mask(s). Covid-19 spreads through air. Hence traveling without a mask can make you prone to an infected person directly or indirectly. Always carry an extra pair of masks during your travel.

Brands have come up with a designer mask which you can match with your attire as well. Travel is all about photographs so do pair your mask with your travel suit for insta-worthy pics. When the new norm requires you to wear trendy masks, then why shouldn’t you?

Always have masks that are multi-layered for complete protection. There are different kinds of masks available in the market; ranging from surgical to N-95.Have an extra pair of masks in your handbag which you are bound to carry during excursion, in case you forget while leaving your hotel.

Wet Wipes (Disinfectant Wipes)

covid 19 travel packing list

Carrying wet wipes or disinfectant wipes have become mandatory in this situation. These wipes help you clean your face throughout the day even at places where there is no water to wash your face.

Alternatively, use these wipes to clean chairs, tables, and all those things that you have to touch while traveling. If you are planning a road-trip in a rented car, always wipe the handle and other things using these wipes. Make sure you dispose of these wipes properly.


covid travel packing list

Coronavirus can be killed with alcohol hence sanitizers have entered the mandatory travel accessory list. DO NOT step out of your house without carrying a sanitizer. Today, the market has a variety of choices to offer with respect to sanitizer packages. Ranging from 10-ml pocket sized sanitizer to 5litre barrels, you can have sanitizer in any form you want.

Although you might find sanitizers in public places, it is always better that you carry and use your own. We never know if the sanitizer bottle itself could be contaminated. Remember to sanitize everything before and after touching anything during your travel.

Face Shield

post covid-19 travel essentials

Another very effective product to protect yourself from infected droplets is a face shield Face Shields might be tough for many to carry, but if you are planning to travel to a crowded place, this product would protect from unwanted contact of respiratory droplets. All the doctors recommend using face shields during travel as it is one of the best and safest ways to stay from contamination.

If you are planning to wear a face shield, make sure you wear your mask as well. Under no circumstances, should you remove your mask.  Face shield adds an extra layer to your protection and ensures you are thoroughly protected. Face Shield would also prevent you from getting prone to all those people who do not wear their face masks. After all, your safety is in your own hands.


post covid-19 travel essentials

Another basic but very useful product is the toothpick. Strange isn’t it? But it is very useful when it comes to commuting via lifts. When in a hotel, you would definitely use lifts to come in out of your rooms and hotel from traveling. Use a toothpick every time to press the buttons of the lift so that you are keeping your fingers away from surfaces as much as possible.

Hand Gloves

post covid-19 travel essentials

Add hand gloves to the list of essential travel items this year. Wearing them for the whole journey might become irritating. But, you can wear them if you are entering into a place where you have to touch many things at once that are already touched by other tourists.

Make sure you use the best quality of hand gloves available in the market. Using cheap hang gloves might result in rashes and could further cause skin problems.

Reusable Water Bottles

post covid-19 travel essentials

Do not rely on purchasing water bottles from outside. Try to carry a reusable water bottle of enough capacity to last for the complete day. Save yourself and the environment at the same time.

Portable Wifi/Hotspot/Power Bank:

If it would not have been Covid-19, these things would be the first one on the list. Carry portable wifi/hotspot and fully charged power bank before going out for a trip. Having them would prevent you from touching other people’s products.

Travel Insurance

post covid-19 travel essentials

Having travel insurance during the pandemic is one of the smart ways to get you covered during emergency hospitalization. Before planning a trip, find out if your insurance covers the cost of quarantine or self-isolation.

Keep the insurance papers handy so that you can avoid the risk of being financially burnt out during uncertain times of travel.  

If you see many of these items never existed in our travel accessory list. But, today, they have made it a mandatory travel accessory which one should carry while traveling. Having these items with you would ensure you a safe and healthy journey. If we have missed something, then let us know in the comment section.

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