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Janjira Murud – Your Ultimate Holiday Destination

Konkan beaches are the best if you are a seafood and beaches lover. It’s a place that you should approach to explore watersports, Maharashtrian seafood, and historical fort and palaces. The first of all the beaches here is the Janjira-Murud beach. It’s betwixt the distance of 5km to Murud-Janjira Fort and again 48km just from Alibaug. This beach is truly an analogy of love at first sight because of its sceneries of waters, glistening sand surrounded by green hilly areas.

Mediums of reaching Murud-Janjira Beach


Murid beach lies between 150kms from Mumbai to 180kms from Pune. You can approach Goa highway from Mumbai. Then take a road to Alibaugh which will take you to your destination Murud..

Pune highway leads to three paths to Murud:

Route 1:

While beginning from the Pune Mumbai highway, you have to be through Khopoli, Pen and then to Alibaugh. From there to Kashid to Revdanda to reach your destination Murud.

This is the safest road trip which can be done anytime either in day or night.

Route 2:

Very similar to the first one like from Pen to Mumbai Goa highway at last ending road at Roha Ghosla. However, this road trip is unsafe during night journeys.

Route 3:

The quickest route to reach Murud is via Paud road to Mulshi.


The MSRTC buses are less expensive yet uncomfortable medium of transportation in this area. You can take a state bus from Mumbai or Pune to Alibaug. Then, from Alibaugh you need to change a bus which takes you to Murud.


The very close railway station are: 50kms from Nagothane, 50kms from Kalad and 80kms from Pen.


This is the only routine service betwixt Mumbai-Rewas. From Kihim, Rewas is only at the distance of 6kms. You can approach Murud by a car or rickshaw from Rewas. However, ferry boats are not accessible during monsoon seasons.

Many bikers prefer taking their bikes from Mumbai to Murud via Mandwa Jetty. This facility is not provided by all the ferry boats; hence bikers must find out before taking their bikes.

Best time to visit Murud

Winter season is the most suitable time to visit Murud, as the climatic and weather changes are either humid or dry in Maharashtra. Hence, from October to March is the best time to visit Murud.

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Stay option in Murud

The beach Murud Janjira has some interesting choices which make you indulge in its every bit without feeling you exhausted. This is why this place has won every tourist’s heart. It’s the best place to chill out especially for the couples who want to spend some quality time alone with each other; there are certain sorts of accommodations which will surely match your choice.

There aredifferent sort of hotels in the area around 5kms which will match your requirements. If you are a scenery lover then you can select a hotel beside the beach, you can also spend some night camp to experience more, it costs only INR 6000.

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Golden Swan Beach and resort is located on Darbar Roadway, which is one of the most luxurious resorts among all in Murud.

The Beach

No doubt that the Murud Beach is one of the captivating & fantastic destinations in Maharashtra. It is surrounded by hills on three sides along with the stretch of sand on the beach side.

Janjira Murud
Janjira Murud
Janjira Murud

The sunset view makes it more captivating as it joins islands forts Janjira and Padmadurgad. Don’t miss the opportunity to catch a glimpse of sunset over the beauty of the Murud beach.

The beach conducts numerous water sports and boat journey, which is an attention seeker for sports lovers. The cool breeze of the beach allows the tourist to rejuvenate themselves completely, making their beach holiday perfect.

Activities to do in Murud Beach

Scuba Diving

If you are interested in diving into the world of corals and reefs, then take a deep dive into the waters of Murud. There are various scuba diving institutes across the Murud village who allots scuba experts for this activity.

Ferry Rides

Taking pleasure of ferry rides from Murud beach to Janjira fort shouldn’t be missed.You will enjoy watching a sunset from the ferryboat. All the pictures are going to be Insta-worthy as you get to witness the life of locals and beautiful green hills of the Murud village.


Plan your trip to spend a night or two under the starry sky with your group where the beautiful forts of Murud Janjira contributes to a beautiful backdrop. Can there be something more romantic than this on a cool breezy day?


You will want to come back and see the beautiful Murud photos. Capture just not the beach and green hills but the entire village life. Do make some insta videos, boomerang to grab attention of all your followers

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Regional shopping

There are few particular items such as handicrafts, dry fish, seashells, mangoes are perfect for shopping. Murud is famous for Konkan curry spices which you definitely must try once back home.

Janjira Fort

You need to take the boat services which are offered from 7:00 am to 4:45 pm. This is going to be a pleasant boat trip from Rajapuri jetty. The entire ferry trip will take about 30minutes.

Janjira Murud

MurudJanjir Fort is situated on the Arabian sea coast near the port city of Murud. It is located on the oval-shaped rock, approx. 165km away from Mumbai.

The palace is still in good shape with the primary gate dealing with Rajapuri and can be clearly seen 12m away. The posterior gate is towards the ocean for escape. The fort still has 26 rounded bastions along with many canons of Native and European.

The main attraction of this fort are the three cannons named Kalalbangdi, Chavri and Landawhich were famous and feared for its shooting varieties.

Darya Darwaza is a west-facing sea gate with palace natural fresh lake water, mosque, quarters for officers.

History of Janjira Murud

During the 1200s, the Angler kings/Koli developed the very first fort on the rocky island of Arabian Sea. In the middle of the fort, existed a well which provided non-salty drinking water.

Because of water and fish to consume, the island was tough to conquer. For more than two centuries, the fishermen opposed attacks on the Muslim armies. It was a torjan horse style which raided the fort where the Koli solider intruded the fort as alcohol merchants and intoxicated the army. Then, the Habashi assaulted and overthrew the angler kings.

Janjira Murud
Janjira Murud
Janjira Murud

When Britishers expanded their empire in India, they tried to rule the fort, but failed every time. The Britishers then decided to sign a treaty with authority of the fort, i.e. a Sufi Muslim group in Africa. This group of Muslims, Siddis acquired authority from the Habashi stating that the fort shall remain as an independent station in the British Colonial. When India got its independence, the island was then united with Bombay.

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Places to visit near Murud Beach.

Padmadurg fort

They are also known as Kasa fort and is situated at the distance of 450 meters from Murud Beach. Constructed by Chatrapati Shivaji,this fort functioned as administrative headquarter of Shivajis army. The place speaks volume about the cultural heritage of the Maratha kingdom and holds special historical value in Maharashtra.

Murudjanjira fort

Lies on the island entirely off the Murud village and is at about 1km of the beach. Thus, one can easily reach the beach by foot in 15-20 minutes, it is considered to be the strongest marine forts among all forts in India. Surrounded by the coastal belt and large sea, this fort is famous amongst tourist.

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Giambi Falls

Situated at the distance of 10km from Murud town, Giambi falls is famous for its 100metre tall falls. Gushes down, these falls are best to visit during monsoon where it is in its full bloom. Travellers come here to dance and play in the water seeking pleasure after a summer heat. For a wildlife lover, there’s a semi-dense forest around the falls which makes it a perfect spot for all. You can reach Giambi falls from the town via road.

Ahmedganj Palace

Situated right in the vicinity of Murud beach, then the total area of this palace is about 45 acres. This palace was the house of the royal nawab, Siddi Ahmed Khan. The mix of Mughal and Gothic architecture makes this palace a hotspot on weekends for the travellers. The architecture of the place can awestruck any tourist visiting it, be it for the first time or hundredth time.

Giambi dam.

Lies right near the Garambi falls and located near about 10km from the Murud Beach. It was built by Siddi Ahmed Khan, the last Nawab of the Siddi reign. During the British rule, the dam was dedicated to Queen Victorial. The palace is at a 5 mins walk from Murud Beach and the place serves as a rich source of potable water to Murud and surrounding villages

Here are some travel tips from us while tripping to Murud:

So, now that you know the in and out of the Murud and places to visit and what to do, here are some travel tips which can make you enjoy your trip to the fullest:

  1. Carry your sunglasses, cotton attire, hats, or caps if you are visiting during summertime
  2. Use sunblock to protect yourself from ultraviolet rays
  3. Carry your own drinking water while visiting the beach as the summer is hot and dry here
  4. Carry umbrella and raincoat if you visit during monsoon as it showers frequently here
  5. Do try the seafood from the shacks as they are both delicious and mouthwatering.



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We don’t spam! Read our privacy policy for more info.

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