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12 Interesting Facts about Jagannath Temple in Puri and Konark Sun Temple

Odisha is a lesser-known state for travelers coming to India, but UNESCO sites like the Konark Sun Temple and the Puri Jagannath Temple are never unheard of. Built-in, the 11th century by King Anantavarman Chodaganga Deva, the Jagannath Temple in Puri is part of Char Dham Yatra, a holy pilgrimage to the four most sacred sites of the Hindus. The magnificent architecture of this temple is a delight for visitors.

The Sun Temple of Konark, often referred to as the Black Pagoda, was built in the middle of the thirteenth century by Raja Narasimhadeva-I of the Ganga Dynasty, an ample testament to the artistic glory of the time. The name ‘Konark’ derives from Kona – Corner, and Arka – Corners of the Sun; it is located in the north-east of Puri or Chakrakshetra.

The Konark Sun temple is an architectural marvel, and The Jagannath temple has been a subject of mystery for many years. Curious travelers around the globe have made their way to Puri to experience the same thing.

Lets look at some Interesting Facts about Puri’s Jagannath Temple and Konark’s Sun Temple :

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1. Wheel of chariot work as a sundial

Konark Sun Temple Wheel
Source : Google

The chariot wheel of the Konark Sun Temple was built and set up to tell you the time. There are a total of eight spokes in each wheel (3 hours). Eight spokes represent 24 hours a day. The spoke’s shadow tells of the time when Sun rays fall on it. This is the approach used to measure the time before the introduction of watches. Some experts can even say the right time to minutes by looking just at this wheel. The chariot is constructed of a total of 12 pairs of wheels. These 12 pairs determine the Hindu calendar for 12 months.

2. Unbelievable view during sunrise or dawn

You will find that the templed chariot temple seems to come out from the depths of the beautiful blue sea beaches on the Indian Coastline, holding the Sun, if you look from the outside during the Sunrise or Dawn.

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Jagannath temple in puri
Source: Google

3. Wealth and Power Symbol Outside the Konark Sun Temple

Two similar sculptures are placed outside the temple. These sculptures depict a lion that crushes an elephant and an elephant that crushes a human. The lion stands for strength here, and the elephant stands for money. The illustration reveals that money and power are the most significant problem facing man in his life. Below is the image.

Lion Elephant Man

4. The Temple Flag That Defies Logic

Jagannath Temple Flag

Oddly enough, the flag on the top of the temple still floats opposite the breeze. Oppositely, the flag stops rational thought, and you seem to assume that some power is more excellent than science.

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5. Mystery of The Sudarshan Chakra

jagannath temple Sudarshan Chakra

The chakra currently weighs up to a ton and is 20ft high, fitted on the temple’s top.  But a curious fact is that you can see this chakra from every part of the city of Puri. The engineering mystery behind the chakra’s location is still a mystery because you may even feel the chakra faces you regardless of your position.

6. No planes, No birds fly above the Jagannathan Temple

You will be surprised to know that no birds or planes fly above the temple.  There also seems to be no reason for this phenomenon. It’s a mystery now.

7. The Temple Structure

The temple’s layout is such that at no time of day does it cast any shadow. Whether it is an engineering feat or a phenomenon that can only be traced to the divine power remains deciphered.

8. Mystery of Simhadwaram

Simhadwaram Jagannath Temple 1
Source : Google

The temple in Jagannth has four entrances, and the main entrance to the temple is Simhadwaram. You can evidently hear the sound of waves when you enter through Simhadwaram, but when you pass the Simhadwaram, turn again and return in the same direction, you won’t hear the sound of the waves anymore. Probably, as long as you are inside the temple, you won’t hear the sound of waves.

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9. Interesting Fact about Sea

Puri Beach

You must have seen everywhere in the world how, throughout the day, the wind from the sea is coming into the land, and at night, the wind from the land is blowing towards the sea. Geographical laws in Puri, however, are reversed as well. Just the contrary happens here.

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10. A Ritual of 1800 years

jagannath flag changing

Each day a priest climbs up the 45-storey building of the temple to adjust the flag. This ritual was known for 1800 years. The temple is supposed to be shut for the next 18 years if this rite is ever skipped.

11. The Mahaprasadam Mystery

puri jagannath mahaprasad

In Jagannath Temple, nothing goes wasted. Records indicate 2,000 to 20,000 people attending the temple, depending on the day. However, over the year, the amount of prasadam cooked in the temple remains the same. That being said, on any given day, prasadam will not be wasted or is inadequate.

12. Prasadam’s Cooking technique

In reality, pots are used for cooking with firewood, a special delicacy. For this, seven pots are used, put on top of each other. The top pot contents are first cooked, and the bottom pots are followed. It is interesting to notice here.

Source : Google



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