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Exciting Indian Beer Trail- Top 10 Breweries In India You Must Visit In Life

Summer has arrived in India, and temperatures are skyrocketing across the region. It’s also the perfect opportunity to play with beverages that can not just satiate our thirst but also help us “chill.” And what better way to unwind on a hot summer afternoon than with a cold beer? The highest quality brews, according to popular belief, are either German or Belgian. However, in recent years, Indian brews and ales have taken over the market, and in a big way.

Then there are the Indian craft and microbreweries, which are creating some truly creative brews utilizing local ingredients to bring a new layer to the beers and ales. Chilling with beer has also changed in the last year as a result of the pandemic. Tapped beers, which were formerly only available in bars and restaurants, are now available in growlers and distributed to customers’ homes.

There are many brilliant breweries in India in the metropolitan now. Here are some really interesting options that all beer lovers should give a shot this summer.

Arbor Brewing Company

Arbor Brewing Company, with the launch of their beer-centric 12,000 square foot brewpub in the heart of Bangalore’s booming commercial zone, is one of the craft beer pioneers helping to bring a modern world of flavors, types, and innovation to Indian beer lovers and connoisseurs.

ABC India serves a traditional American bar menu that includes salads, nachos, burgers, pizza, and pasta with an authentic American flair that is often complemented by a fiery Indian twist. Many of ABC’s award-winning recipes from home are included in the beer lineup:

Breweries in India - Arbor Brewing Company
  • Bangalore Bliss
  • Sumac Wit
  • Smooth Criminal
  • Phat Abbot Tripel
  • Michael Faricy Stout
  • Beach Shack IPA
  • Chocomiso Stout
  • No Parking Pilsner

Fresh Craft Beer in Cans

  • Easy Rider American Wheat
  • Bangalore Bliss Hefeweizen
  • Beach Shack IPA Pineapple Blonde

Windmills Craftworks

Windmills is a world-class Microbrewery, Jazz Theater, and Restaurant, with a rare collection of books that will delight the senses as you’ve never seen before. The finest Craft Beer, freshly made to exacting standards right here in town. A theatre for up-close-and-personal music concerts by international artists. They take you on a culinary adventure with the latest innovative and conventional recipes.

Windmill Craftwork is currently serving up four of its signature beers –

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The Stout (Most Popular)

The Golden Ale

The Indian Pale Ale


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Doolally Craft Beers

Doolally Taproom, which began in Pune, is now a brand to be reckoned with when it comes to breweries in India. It has now extended its wings to Mumbai’s most famous neighborhoods. Doolally is regarded as the strongest brewery in the Indian scene by regulars. Their most loved beers on tap are –

Breweries in India - Doolally Craft Beers

Apple Cider                                                                  Mango Cider

Belgian Witbeir                                                             Hefeweizen

English Bitter                                                                Gose

Karvanda Gose  (our Favourite)                                 Brut IPA

Strawberry Cider                                                           Helles Lager

Smoked Porter                                                              English Brown Ale

Independence Brewing Company

If you are passionate about the art of brewing, you can certainly visit Independence Brewing Company. They not only deliver a fantastic array of delectable brews, but they also provide workshops and informative tours to help you get to the bottom of your favorite beverage.

The Four Grain Saison carefully brewed from barley, wheat, oats, and rye and Ryan Pale Ale is delicious and our favorite

Gateway Brewing Company

Gateway Brewing Company was formed on November 1, 2011, with a common goal in mind: to produce classic and experimental types of beers with local ingredients and make them accessible to bars and restaurants. The name is derived from the Gateway of India, a local landmark in Mumbai. Their Flagship brews are

  • White Zen
  • Doppelganger
  • Mosiac IPA (Our Favourite)
  • Sidecar

Toit Brewpub

Toit has the best of all worlds: hand-crafted beers and finger-licking recipes from the wood-fired oven. No list of breweries in India is full without including Toit, a foodie’s and beer-paradise lover’s. Their Signature Beers are

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Dark Knight (Our Favourite)

Colonial Toit

Toit Red

Toit Weiss

Tintin Toit

Basmati Blonde (Our Favourite)

Benga-Lager-U (Our Favourite)

Effingut Brewerkz

Starting in 2014, Effingut Brewerkz has brought its passion for great beer and its love of experimentation together to create legendary craft beers and is located at 5 locations across Pune & Mumbai. The driving ethos for Effingut is to create food and beer that venture away from the routine and conventional. Firmly rooted in heritage, some recipes use local ingredients to highlight Indian flavors for the local palate. Food is an equally important part of the Effingut experience – choose a complementary food pairing from the expansive multi-cuisine menu or go crazy with a contrasting one!

Their Flagship brews are

New Zealand IPA                                                           Citrus Burst IPA

Dry Stout                                                                      Gooseberry Sour (Our Favorite)

Kellerbier                                                                       Peach Ginger Mead (Our Favorite)

Effingut Ananas IPA (Our Favorite)                         Hefeweizen

Mango Jalapeno IPA (Our Favourite)                       Peach Ginger Melomel

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Kolsch                                                                              Dunkelweizen

Hefty Braggot

The White Owl

Live Music, tailored cuisines, and Craft beer are only a couple of the items that The White Owl excels at. With different grain brews and a wide range to pick from, this Mumbai brewery is stirring things up (and those owls on glasses are just adorable!).

Caramel-flavoured, Diablo. Delicious wheat beer, Halcyon, and the boldest brew, an American Pale Ale called Torpedo are our favorite.


Bira 91

Ankur Jain, an entrepreneur who migrated from India to the United States in 1998, established Bira 91. Bira 91 was officially unveiled in February 2015 as a funky and modern alternative to the western brews imported to India. Bira 91 has achieved unparalleled popularity among Indians due to its distinct flavor, which is low in the anticipated bitterness of the beer.

The company has five beers in its portfolio –

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 Bira 91 White (a low bitterness wheat beer with an alcohol content of 4%)

Bira 91 Blonde (an extra hoppy craft lager)

Bira 91 Light (a low-calorie lunchtime lager)

Bira 91 Strong (a high-intensity wheat beer with a higher percentage of alcohol content at 7%)

The Bira 91 Indian Pale Ale (the first IPA brewed and bottled in India) (Our Favourite)

Biere Club

The Biere Club’s main attraction is beer. This delectable amber beer is the explanation why so many tipplers flock to the brewery on sunny summer days to chug a bottle. As a microbrewery, The Biere Club brews its beer in-house, which is tasty enough to compete with the big chains.

The Biere Club is more about taking off your shoes and getting fun. Their craft beers (especially the wheat beer) are delicious, and you should inquire about their seasonal brew.

Join Us For A Beer

Breweries in India

So that’s it from my side. I am sure these places will excite you if you prefer a beer over whisky. Well, I do. And if in case you wanna join us for a beer then you can write to us And we will meet with you. And yes, the beer is on us for damn sure. Till then, keep exploring, keep traveling.



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