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Here’s How to Satisfy Your Wanderlust When You Can’t travel During The Pandemic

I never imagined I’d be warning people not to drive, but we all need to remain home right now to avoid the spread of COVID-19. It’s not a pleasant time for someone whose life revolves around travel. My whole year’s ambitions are on hold, and my weekend plans consist of moving from the bedroom to the kitchen.

But, because it doesn’t seem like I’ll be going far away anytime soon, I’ll have to feed my wanderlust at home. So, here are more than 10 ways to tour the planet from the comfort and satisfy your wanderlust at your home and stay amused through these times of social isolation.

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Climb a Hill/Mountain to see the Sunrise or Sunset

satisfy your wanderlust - Landscape

One of my favorite aspects of traveling is watching a stunning sunrise or sunset color the sky. They still have me sit and stare, concentrating only on what is in front of me. It is uncommon for people to leave what they are doing to enjoy the sunset in our fast-paced world simply.

However, I rarely see the sunrise. Stunning hills surround me in Pune, but I have never climbed to a vantage point to see the sunrise. It’s certainly on my 2021 bucket list. And keep me accountable, guys…

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View Travel TV Shows and Movies

If there is one company that is thriving right now, it is Netflix. It’s okay to snack your way through the day now and again. Right now, there is no correct or wrong way to feel. There are many fantastic travel shows available that will help you divert your attention away from the present scenario.

Visit an Art Gallery or Museum.

If you can’t see those cultures in person, why not visit a museum or an art gallery? In most cities in India, museums are free so make the most of them. In a museum, you can not only fly across the world metaphorically, but you can even travel back in time. Furthermore, it is often beneficial to learn something different every day, and the learning experiences at these locations are limitless!

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Listen to an Upbeat Travel Podcast

Podcasts are perfect for listening to in the background when doing mindless activities such as cleaning or washing. Podcasts will teach you a lot and can motivate you through these trying times. Zero to Go, Girls Talk Travel, and Andy Steves Travel Podcasts are several travel-themed podcasts that have helped encourage and schedule my travels.

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Consider Staying in a Local Hotel or Airbnb.

satisfy your wanderlust - Forest House - Aribnb

Often, you need to get away from your house and your daily routine, even though it means staying at a hotel five minutes away. Waking up in a clean bed with new sheets and a very comfortable mattress will help you physically escape without needing to go far. Your mind should be renewed by the time you get home, and you should be a lot more energized.

This may be as easy as spending the night with a friend or family member or pampering yourself to a night away in a hotel or Airbnb. My March travel to Cornwall was just what I needed: a change of scenery, a luxurious hotel suite, and some new sea air.

Get Lost in a Travel Book 

Get Lost in a Travel Book  There are several fantastic travel-related books available to take you to another country or location.

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Be a Tourist in Your City.

Nobody knows where you are, so somebody somewhere wishes they were there right now. I know it might be difficult depending on where you live, but you only have to walk through the dingy parts of your neighborhood and put on your very cringy tourist cap. We like to take tourist attractions for granted while we live elsewhere, and it is normal for many people to have never visited many of the attractions in their hometowns!

Begin by creating a list of the top five items you’ve always wanted to do in your city or district, such as visiting a museum or dining at a new restaurant (or rooftop bar, everyone loves a good rooftop bar). Or maybe you’d like to go somewhere you haven’t been in a few years? Put it on the agenda as well! Then, make it a point to perform at least one of these tasks per week.

Eat lots of International Cuisines

For many people, trying new foods is an essential part of traveling, so why not start experimenting in the kitchen at home? Take some culinary lessons to learn how to spice up your meals.

If you don’t want to (or don’t have the time) prepare, go for a meal at a nearby restaurant that serves something a little different. Of course, it’ll never be as good as the real thing, but fingers crossed, you’ll find the next best thing. Who suggests you have to flee the nation to taste the flavors in other parts of the world?

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Constantly Try New Things

One of the most delightful travel characteristics is that it forces you to get outside of your comfort zone, mainly because you are doing different stuff. But that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment at home. You will participate in activities such as high ropes lessons, abseiling, and mountain biking, as well as studying Spanish, attending a photography class, or learning to play an instrument.

Udemy is a fantastic place to visit whenever you want to know anything different – they still have free courses available to check out!

Purchase New Travel Accessories

If it’s a bag, purse, passport holder, travel pocket, or luggage tag, nothing has me more ready about my next journey than brand new things to bring with me.

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Try This, Here you can find all new accessory choices for your upcoming trips.

Relive Previous Journeys

Looking at photos and videos from previous travels and journeys is a perfect way to quench the wanderlust. In addition, it can inspire you to continue saving for your next adventure because who doesn’t like a trip down memory lane?!

Rather than letting your travel memories gather dust or taking up room on your hard drive, organize them into lovely folders or make a scrapbook packed with memoirs, photos, and tickets. A remarkable coffee table book and a way to stimulate your artistic juices? I’m up for it.

If gazing at pictures isn’t satisfying your wanderlust, launch a freakin’ travel blog and live vicariously by other bloggers! It would most likely be the most excellent choice you ever make. But, guys, believe me on this…

Study a New Language

With spare time on your hands, now is an excellent time to master a foreign language. There are several free applications available for this purpose, such as Duolingo, but you might also try taking online language lessons with a native speaker. Not only is this a secure place to communicate with others, but those who teach will surely love the extra money right now.

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Host Other Travellers

If you’re eager to put in a little effort, entertaining other travelers is a perfect way to feed your wanderlust. You may host other travelers in various ways, such as Couchsurfing, Airbnb, or hosting an international exchange student.

Sharing your city and community with them would increase your appreciation for where you live, and you will be able to learn about their culture and nation in exchange! And who knows, maybe you’ll be able to linger with them if you visit their hometown, saving you some money. Win, win, win.

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Try Volunteering or Fundraising

satisfy your wanderlust - Volunteer Group

Traveling and volunteering internationally is popular, which is why the word Voluntourism was coined. However, volunteering on a more local basis is far less usual, which is unfortunate (and certainly makes you doubt people’s motives!).

Volunteering can not only favor you professionally and personally, but it can also open the path to a new adventure – similar to traveling. So, run a sprint, ride a funded bike, take part in Race For Life, or head to work dressed as Where’s Wally; the possibilities are limitless. Do something positive for the planet and have fun when doing so!

GO Glamping or Camping 

If you search, you will find some reasonably cheap glamping holidays in India, but some of these exclusive, luxurious retreats can be pricey. If you can’t afford glamping, why not go hiking and immerse yourself in nature? I almost as much enjoy hiking/camping as I do glamping!

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Research and Plan Future Trips

If you can’t beat them, become one of them! There is nothing more exciting than finally preparing your next vacation with a bad case of wanderlust. And if you cannot afford to fly at the moment, investigating hotels, museums, and restaurants can be a lot of fun.

So, my dear readers, it’s time to go to Pinterest and create a “dream locations” or “bucket list” board, or create wish lists on Airbnb with all the exciting and fun places you’d want to stay in the future…

So, share with me, what do you do when the wanderlust becomes too much for you? And let me know in the comments! I really wish to listen to your side of the story as well. and not just me, our whole community likes to read travel stories around the world so write to us and we will publish it in your name for everyone. Till then, keep exploring, keep loving, keep traveling.

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