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Checkout these Awestruck Homestays from Manali to Leh Roadtrip For Best Experience

With the onset of monsoon and the longing opportunity missed out for a year, the admirers of the Adventures are all set to go on road trips. And here we explore the most experienced, the most crowded, and the most wanted road trip one should explore once in a lifetime.

The sights of the scenic roads and crisp snowy mountains are spectacular. With an unparalleled experience, Manali to Leh by Road is voted as one of the best trips in India, no kidding.

Let’s get into the details of how you can make a 473 km of the Manali to Leh road trip, more than ever-memorable, and the places and stays we recommend you on the way for a peaceful journey. Check your bookings here

The travelers mostly follow from Manali to Rohtang bypass, followed by Jispa to Zingzingbar and Sarchu. From Sarchu, the route further covers Nakee La and Tanglang La and reaches Leh via Karu.

A journey matters more than the destination. So, let’s look into the luxuries and homestays that one can visit during the road trip to make the journey of scintillating adventures with a view of the Inbetween stays and a memory for a lifetime.

Rohtang ByPass

Rohtang ByPass is the highest pass on the eastern Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas, is the most recommended stay, and one cannot complete the journey of Manali to Leh without having a stay at Rohtang.

Also, the Atal Tunnel reduces the travel time and overall distance from Manali to Leh. The tunnel is at an elevation of 3,100 meters (10,171 ft), whereas the Rohtang Pass is at the height of 3,978 meters (13,051 ft). Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated it on 3 October 2020.

Stays at Rohtang ByPass

As you ride from Manali-Keylong road on your way to Rohtang La, the scenery change is so drastic, and the stunning landscapes leave you breathless.

With a distance of 51.2 Km from Manali to Rohtang pass, we have these hotels and stays where you can visit, enjoy the snow, and a day and itineraries at Rohtang pass.

There are significantly fewer stays where you can stay at Rohtang pass, and mostly, the adventure admirers prefer to set up a tent on their own. Also, the food that will be available is minimal, and the people wanting the luxury should not keep a stay here.

But we have some stays to recommend in the journey not precisely at the Rohtang pass but in the journey along the Solang Valley, and can count on the beauty of the resorts and culture these stays serve, to make your trip as one filled with no Hotel Siyappas and the best visits.

Places to Stay In the Journey along the Solang Valley

Solang Ski Resort

This resort is one of the Best resorts in Solang Valley and is located at the most picturesque location. The hotel provided magnificent mountain views and is worth an experience.

If you are looking for Luxuries, the resort has it all. The resort also provides Rock climbing, Paragliding, Trekking, River rafting, Skiing, and other outdoor games from Multi-Cuisine restaurants and conference halls.

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Prim Resort Iceland Solang

Iceland hotel is located in Solang Nala. The colors and the Interior of the Hotel itself are worth a stay, and this place also offers picturesque Instagram-able captures.

An open Air Cafe, Multi Cuisine Restaurant, a room with a splendid balcony view, trained Mountaineers, skiers, and paragliders onsite. Who would miss this !! Click here to get your bookings done.

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Kudos Eureka Stay

The Kudos-Eureka is a stylish, contemporary Mountain Villa nestled in the blissful and tranquil atmosphere of Manali and surrounded by beautiful snow-capped mountains.

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And on the way, Solang Valley is the point of the stop; Keylong and Jispa are also the hotspots where the journey is most scenic than ever and offers the best stays to work. Keylong provides these stays with a panoramic view and a trip to capture the most visits that can help you capture viral content for Instagram.

Stays at Keylong

A Stop at Keylong is a must as it is a detour place and an amazing detour on Leh-Mahali Roadtrip.

Hotel Deykid

This hotel provides deluxe rooms and suites for the family, with the rooms facing the valley. The decor is also worth a stay. Check it out, and you can count on the staff of the Hotel Deykid to make the journey a relaxed and capturable one.

Drilbu retreat – On the way before reaching Keylong

Drilbu Retreat has situated 7km from the Keylong, and this cottage overlooks the confluence look of the Bhriga and Chandra Tal lake with the lush green forest beauty.

This cottage is an excellent option for the place, and BnB stays, where the work and the traveling and road trip become feasible.

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Himalaya Retreat – On the way before reaching Keylong

Himalaya retreat is a Gem one could find on Manali Highway. Surrounded by the mountain views, this place is meant for the visit.

The comfort, the food, the ViewView around, the rooms, and the idea, everything you have is capturable and will make your content go viral. The Bungalow has the Lavish-designed infrastructure and is a classy homestay for some while, office setup for work from home nomads.

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Kolong retreat Keylong

Well, Kolong is another budget accommodation from Keylong to is located in Jispa. Kolong retreat does not have one single damaging review, and this stands out as one of the highly recommended hotels of Lahaul.


Jispa along the Manali Leh Highway

Well, Jispa and Keylong are just the cousins of the Mountain Views and cottages they offer. And the places are most capturable. The villas here provide the most panoramic mountain view with the lush green forest with the romance of Nature.

While Keylong provides more Hotels and Stays, the scenic beauty of Jispa is more worth an Instagram post. Jispa is more of an adventurous place, where Camping is highly promoted. Although, you can count on these budget stays. Let’s see what you can choose for your best!!

But, I must say – “A visit from Manali to Leh is incomplete without experiencing the camps of Jispa.

Stays at Jispa

Let us check out some of the best stays. Book your stays at Jispa here.

Dragon Camp and Cafe Jispa

The Dragon Camp and Cafe provides free parking, bar, bus, smoking rooms, and this is one of the romantic tents you might want with your partner. So the camp is everything you need for a comfortable stay.

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Retro Valley Camping Resort

The incredible views of the mountains around Jispa, coupled with the camp’s warm comforts, make for a truly magical stay. So, the Retro Valley Camping Resort Huddled right between Manali and Ladakh, Jispa is one of the essential pit-stop en route Leh.

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Hotel Ibex, Jispa

This hotel is right on the Highway overlooking the river. It offers a snowy mountain view with the river and the valley view. This place can be one of the best remote work and earn locations one would want to experience.

Moving on, with the comfy stays at Keylong and the camping adventures of Keylong and Jispa on Manali Leh Roadtrip, finally, experiencing the scenic road trip journey is just the best thing. From Jispa to Zing Zingbar is a road trip journey that can have some halts in between.


And yes, Do not miss capturing the ViewView of Suraj Tal Lake exactly before reaching Sarchu. And then comfort yourself with the comfy tents of Sarchu. It is mainly advisable to go on a car ride.

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Finally, while driving, and reaching, camping at the Heights of the Sarchu would be the next scintillating adventure that might help relax the inner peace. Let’s have a look at the best camps of Sarchu, which one might never miss in their lifetime.

Camping and Stays at Sarchu

Darcha Sumdo Camps

You can find A dreamlike destination, the Darcha – Sumdo Camps are one of the most picturesque camps in Jispa. This place encompasses a wide range of deluxe and standard tents. And the camp is surrounded by greenery and neighbouring snow-clad Majesties. Check out the details of the Air BnB here

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GoldenDrop Camps Sarchu

The scenery in the search is at its best. But just a warning to be taken here is the temperature gets too cold. The camp is located in a magnificent and quiet place, incredibly comfortable tents with all facilities, clean and comfortable, helpful and timely service. Well, if I were you, I would plan a workcation on this camps for more than a week. Then wait for what!! Get your Bookings done here.

Gold Drop Camp (tented accomodation) at Sarchu The camp (at 14,432 feet) along the so-called Leh-Menali Highway is between the Baralacha La and Lachulung La Passes, near the boundary between Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh in India.

With all the comforts and the campings experienced, the thills of the road trips, especially with the increasing heights from Sarchu to Nakee La and Taglang La.

Nakee La

Well, Nakee La, with the High mountain altitude, is not a famous destination on the journey but is not a place one can miss in the journey. This tiny little place will add a different value and perception of the scenery at the heights.

Here, at the end of Gata Loops, adventurers have already climbed significantly, and reaching Nakee La does not seem as tedious. This pass is the third highest pass on the Manali Leh Highway, and it is no joke.

Well, then the journey itself is something that will leave you speechless. So, better to experience the places and capture them.

Leh Ladakh – Homestay, Air BnB and Luxury Stays

But, with the road trip to an end, experience these BnBs, luxury stays, and Budget Villas in Leh. These places will release all the tension with the room with a view.

Ladakh Country Inn

The Country Inn palace features a garden, river, and mountain view is located 1.2 km from the Shanti Stupa. The terrace view from the Country Inn is just incredible. This property is Smoking free which enhances the environment.

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Camper Camping Holiday – Leh Ladakh

The most awaited Campver Holidays provided the Vanlife that we all might have ever imagined. Exploring the Ladakh beauty with the fascinating places and living a van life, not sacrificing on the earnings and doing your job, alas it’s just a dream come true!

Well, visit the website for further details based on the plans and days you want to caravan for.

Indus River Camp – River Side Tent

Also, the Indus river runs parallel to Ladakh, and Camping at this site offers the most specific riverside Glamping experience.
The property has bike hire available. Car hire is available at the property, and the area is popular for cycling. The nearest airport is Kushok Bakula Rimpoche Airport, 8 km from the property.

Couples particularly love the place as it could be the most romantic place mountains has to offer.

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Overland Heights

This Air BnB is a reasonable option for the Leh travelers and is located near the Leh Palace. Overland heights are popular amongst the tourists as they provide a wide range of Customer satisfaction and budgets.

Also, check out other homestays and BnBs as per the requirement here and complete the bookings to get set go for these thrilling adventures.

The Leh Ladakh Roadtrip has the most scenic views and is one of the best road trips of the Monsoons. The next best trip with the scenic journeys can be Manali to Spiti Valley. Well, Manali to Leh Roadtrip is a journey to adventures, but have you ever imagined the View of Manali to Leh by flight.

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The View of the clouds and the mountains from Manali to Leh Via Flight is also not worth a miss. But, in a lifetime, one must experience the Manali to Leh or Manali to Spiti Valley road trip to experience the adventures of the journey.

For staycations, Villas, and Hotels at Manali, check the stays here and get your bookings done for a tension-free trip.

Also, check out the stays at Leh here in case you fall in love with the destination and extend the stays, don’t forget to experience the beauty of views from multiple villas and BnB. Check out the stays here.

So, are you excited about the Manali to Leh Roadtrip? Let us know in the comments below.

Explore more for the Travel news and updates on Cleopatra’s Instagram and Cleopatra’s Facebook page.

Oh and yes, if you plan to camp, don’t forget to take care of the environment as well. Here is how you can Make Your Camping Experience More Environmental Friendly.

Also, let us know what destinations would you like to learn more about in the comment section.



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