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The Reasons Why We Love to Visit Goa

If you love the beaches and want to look for some holiday destinations to enrich your experience, Goa can be the appropriate destination. There is practically no one who does not want to have a trip to Goa. Goa is considered the ultimate beach destination in India. The natural scenic beauty and the wholesomeness, and the aura of the Goa trip are beyond explanation. It is about perfect leisure and quality time. A trip to Goa fundamentally features three major components:-

  • Beautiful White Sand Sea beaches
  • The natural scenic beauty and the cultural heritage of Goa
  • The immensely entertaining party life
  • The unforgettable Goan Cuisine and seafood

So, with beach wears, funky shades, and an appetite to explore the depths of the sea, you can wave the flag to your Goa Journey.

You can reach Goa by any and every means. Roadways, railways, and airways well connect Goa with almost every big city in the country. The number of international tourists who step on the surface of Goa is enormous. Goa is also well connected internationally. If you want to reach Goa from any nearby destination like Pune, it is straightforward to take the NH48, following the Satara – Kolhapur – Ashwem pathway.

Reaching Goa

It is better to reach Goa early in the morning so that the arriving day does not get wasted and you can explore the city. After reaching Goa, you can board at any hotel of your choice. The options for lodging are innumerable and can range from very cheap hotels to lavish internationally standardized ones.

After boarding, have your breakfast. The new and innumerable breakfast options you get in Goa are beyond appraisal. Not only the unique taste but the ample number of choices adorn the breakfast plate in Goa.

Exploring Goa in True Essence

Roads are always the best option to explore Goa. If you love adventures and want to take a fresh dollop of it, then try to explore the villages of Goa. As Goa is a Portuguese colony, it reflects a culture very different from the rest of India. The emerald green paddy fields and palm trees are a retreat to the eyes. People say that you can never know the roots of land until you visit its villages, which is very accurate for Goa.

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Goa - Your Ultimate Holiday Destination

The simple people, the white churches, and the reflection of a miniature Portugal in India are beautiful. The architecture and culture of Goa prominently reflect the ensembles of Portugal. The gothic architecture and the forts will mesmerize you with their history and lores. The important forts and tourist spots include Basilica of Bom Jesus, Fort Aguada.

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Travel Options within Goa

Bicycle: Cycling in Goa is not a very practical way to ride, but if you are a fitness enthusiast and intend to stay longer than 15 days, it is worth considering renting a bicycle.

Auto Rickshaw: A perfect choice for short trips and are cheaper than taxis.

Leased Motorbike/Scooter: There are hundreds of Goa operators who rent motorcycles and scooters. Rent varies depending on the type of bike and the season. You need to carry a driving license and ID proof.

Taxi: Taxis are comfortable, fast, and convenient, just like the Auto rickshaw alternative.

Rental car: Either self-driven or driver-driven vehicles can be hired in Goa. Car prices differ from model to model and often vary from season to season. To borrow a car, you will have to submit a copy of the driving license and an original ID, such as passport, pan card, or voter ID, which will be returned after the vehicle has been returned.

Bus: Buses are very convenient and cheap, and the best part is that you can see the rustic sights of Goa while you’re riding. The state and private busses in the city cover most of the places. You can also opt for packages providing sightseeing tours via these buses.

Ferries: This is another fun way to travel within the state. They’re pretty cheap, and the best part of them is they’re running from early in the morning to late in the evening.

As you can see there are so many options for traveling within Goa, you have to decide which one suits you best. If you value convenience, then opt for taxis or rental cars, and if you’re in a mood for fun, try the rented bikes that are very fun and exciting.

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Goa and its Amazing Beaches

Ashvem Beach is the widest in Goa and the center for most fun activities and beach fun. As soon as you reach the white sand beaches of Goa, relaxation will engulf you. The deep-sea waves will; wash away your stress, anxiety, and pain. That is the essential beauty of Goa. What you should not expect in open Goan beaches is tranquillity. If you want to experience some privacy and serenity, you better choose to stay at any property that features villas, resorts, and private beaches. One such beach property is La Cabana; there are numerous others.

The authentic setting of these properties is often suitable for spending some quality time. Goa’s most notable beaches are- Baga Beach, Vagator Beach, Chapora Beach, Anjuna Beach, and so on. Ashwem Beach is relatively calmer than the rest.

The Portuguese culture is very evident to date through the hospitality of Goa, the cafes selling authentic Portuguese food, the architecture, and the lifestyle of people. Goa is the ultimate destination if you want some relaxation and respite amidst the lap of nature.

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Unforgettable Food

Goa - Your Ultimate Holiday Destination

A significant share of your Goan memories will be predominated by two major elements – the pristine beaches of Goa and the unforgettable Goan cuisine. Like the other coastal towns of India, the staple cereal of Goa is rice. Sea fishes like prawns form An integral part of the Goan cuisine is Coconut. Coconut is used in almost every other dish. Besides prawns, you can enjoy a plethora of different kinds of seafood in Goa – probably any and every type of seafood that you can think of.


Goa – Your Ultimate Party Destination

The azure seawater is probably the best gift you can give to your schedule laden life. The vibrant culture of the cosmopolitan, the exotic flora, and the fabulous natural scenic beauties make Goa close to heaven. There is also another side of Goa, and that is the buzzing nightlife. Filled with food, wine, jazz music, plenty of dance moves, and the real party flavor, Goa has everything to offer that can make your nights much more happening., If you are a total party freak, nothing can stop you from drowning in the biz of the Goan nightlife. People across the globe visit Goa to enjoy this buzz.

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Goa - Your Ultimate Holiday Destination

Adventure Activities in Goa

The fringed beaches and exotic nature of the Goan landscape is the best time to explore nature’s beauty. If you are in love with the fauna, then do not forget to explore the Ali Bird Sanctuary. For all the adventure lovers – Goa is your paradise. You can enjoy many adventure activities like Scuba diving, water skiing, water scooter, windsurfing, angling, canyoning, parasailing, dinghy sailing, and snorkeling. If you want to explore the natural landscape of Goa in the best format, then do not forget to try out Zip Lining and trekking.

Goa - Your Ultimate Holiday Destination

Another adventurous activity of Goa is Casino cruises, which is a different experience altogether in India. Goa is the only place in India where casinos are allowed and many youths enjoy the ambiance here. After being tired of the beach and shacks, the next activity in mind is enjoying dinner on a cruise alongside playing casino like a king.

Shopper’s Paradise

Last but not least, shopping lovers will not get disappointed by Goa. The markets of Goa are packed with anything and everything that can jazz up your vacation. Trendy T-shirts, seashell jewelry, plenty of shades, cheap beach shoes, and whatnot. You can carry back a whole bag of memoirs and a token from Goa. The markets are always hustling with the tourists ever ready to bargain and stuff their bags.

Right from partying to beach side shack to shopping, Goa has everything for you. So, when are you planning your Goa trip? Get set, and enjoy a beautiful time.



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