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The Enthralling World of Revenge Travel After Covid-19 Pandemic

“Revenge is a dish best served on a flight, apparently.”


First Word

However, with vaccine campaigns ramping up across the globe, improvements being made on certifying traveler’s vaccination status, and nations being, even more, receptive to visitors, there is a growing possibility for foreign travel to return to normalcy.

Travelers, like birds yearning to break out from their cages, can’t wait to satisfy the old itch. What doesn’t destroy you makes you stronger, and the determination to fly has only become stronger through the pandemic season.

Revenge travel is a gloomy buzzword circulating in recent months to characterize the angsty and bottled-up need for travel that many of us are now experiencing. But is vengeance as good as we’d like it to be? The verdict is already out on that one.

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In layman’s terms, the idea is based around the assumption that travel is a blessing and that travelers would add more places to their bucket list and travel more than they did before “until this is all done.” In a more practical context, that would include having more journeys and spending more money than average just because you have been robbed of travel for too long.

The idea isn’t fresh. Its origins can be traced back to the early 1980s in China, during the crushing hardship of the Cultural Revolution, when shoppers began to engage in ‘revenge buying.’ A Hermès shop in China’s Guangzhou made €2.4 million on the first day of operation, demonstrating that (wealthy) customers are eager to make up for the period spent indoors by reinvesting.

It’s not so much a shift in motives as it is a stark disparity in people’s priorities, which have been reduced to their most fundamental components. For, e.g., we may use inspiration to calm and withdraw from our daily lives. Previously, it may have been to relieve the pressures of college.

Still, in the present situation, it is all about escaping the house to be in another location where the pandemic would not seem to be such a pressing problem.

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What Would Travel Be Like After COVID-19?

revenge travel -

The infection is spreading in various ways across the globe. In a nutshell, China and South Korea seem to have weathered the hurricane while Europe is in the midst of it. Things are really about underway in the United States.

This suggests that certain countries’ travel bans can remain in effect for a prolonged period, while others will begin to relax them quickly. Regional variations are also possible since certain places of the same nation will heal earlier than others and would be willing to accept tourists earlier.


Though travel will be feasible again, additional conditions will almost certainly be introduced. This may include evidence of COVID-19 protection (or proof of vaccine, if available), obligatory monitoring, and/or quarantining upon delivery.

Since all of this occurs at a higher expense and inconvenience for travelers, domestic travel can grow faster than foreign travel because it is not subject to the above constraints.

Another thing that will shift is that travelers will emphasize versatility than they have previously. If you have a rigid cancellation policy, now may be an excellent time to provide more flexible alternatives (perhaps for a fee).

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Revenge Travel Picks Up In India

The traveling spirit seems to be very powerful in India, as travelers take vacations to neighboring locations to Revenge Travel. According to the Times of India, the number of people visiting friends and relatives is now 40 to 50% of what it was before the pandemic. On the other side, small and large businesses are only opening up to corporate travel, and it is up to 10% – 20% of pre-pandemic levels.

Currently, India has formed multiple air bubbles with countries worldwide, so foreign travel is gradually becoming a possibility, although remaining limited. Among the countries with which India has partnered on the air bubble are the United States, the United Kingdom, Tanzania, Germany, Japan, France, and Canada.

Domestic travel is the best choice for Indian tourists right now, as surveys suggest that many are going to the hills, which are a safe place to get away from crowds.

How Would Travelers Choose Their Destination?

Although travellers are understandably eager to get back on the road, given the pandemic’s increased visibility, they would eventually recognize the following:

  • Is the virus spreading in their area?
  • Is the virus spreading in the desired direction?
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Although travelers have been dutifully immunized against the coronavirus before their trip, the majority would most certainly take precautions in the weeks leading up to their departure. Destination countries can also compel them to do so by mask-wearing and social distancing regulations.

Travelers will often avoid destinations with high population transmitting speeds and areas where their wellbeing will be jeopardized.

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Prices Would Be Poor At First, But Only For A Short Time

Airlines will have to run under a decreased demand situation in response to the pandemic scare, which means that flight fares will initially be sold at lower prices. Flights and hotels have also been promising flexible cancellation, and rescheduling plans to sweeten the bargain.

However, with improved optimism from the global vaccine program and increased travel purpose, demand for flight tickets and hotel reservations would eventually rise, as will rates.

As a result, astute travelers can consider booking their flights and hotels until spring 2021 ends—roughly now—to catch up on their globetrotting and take maximum advantage of the lower rates and generous policies.

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Increased Travel Related Purchases

revenge travel - Study Table Setup

People will have to be concerned with their health and welfare in the aftermath of a pandemic. In terms of transport, this means that facial masks, hand sanitizers, antibacterial products, and other similar things will become virtually obligatory and will stay so for the near future.

Furthermore, since revenge travel entails satisfying one’s need to travel by taking longer and farther journeys, certain travel accessories might be essential to render certain long flights more bearable.

Although most consumers have saved a significant amount of money due to travel cancellations and bans, more would be careful about spending at first as the global economy is rebuilt. As a result, expect your preferred e-commerce and voucher platform to provide discounts on grooming and travel-related products to entice consumers to join the vengeance travel madness.

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The Keyword Here Is ‘Hygiene’

revenge travel - Covid Precaution - Sanitizer

Some would say that the methods of remaining safe and sanitary that were implemented after the pandemic may have been the norm all along and that the hotel and hospitality industries have no alternative but to adhere.

Although selecting between hotels and holiday rentals such as a furnished bedroom, home, or condominium has its collection of advantages and disadvantages, the majority of travelers would initially gravitate toward trustworthy hotel brands.

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Throughout the pandemic, the hotel industry has correctly recognized and stressed the value of a system that ensures cleanliness and hygiene practices. Brand-name hotels have a distinct comparative advantage over holiday rentals in this respect since they have been aggressively promoting their protection and hygiene procedures since last year.

That’s a good thing since we realize the coronavirus isn’t the only pathogen out there.

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Outdoors Activities Will Be Trending

revenge travel - Beach Sports

Many travelers are yearning for wide-open spaces after being confined to their homes for the majority of 2020. As a result, more people are expected to follow the call of the wild and schedule trips to the great outdoors this year. It also serves as a solid social distancing strategy.

However, bear in mind that outdoor resorts would undoubtedly continue to attract crowds of like-minded tourists, as many will choose to spend their long-awaited holiday out in the sun. Remember to keep your distance and carry your safety clothing at all times.

So that’s about it. If you are a travel lover, then I am sure you are as desperate as I am to move out and explore some more beautiful places in this world. Let me know in comments below how excited are you to travel and which destinations will be visiting first after this pandemic will be over. For me, I am going to explore higher ends of Uttarakhand.

You can share your travel stories with me and I will share them out loud with your name on it with our community. Follow me on Instagram and keep yourself updated with all travel news around the world. So until your next trip, stay safe, stay home, but don’t forget to travel when you can. Good Luck



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