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Konkan_Coastal Maharashtra

Road Trip to Virgin Beaches of Konkan (Coastal Maharashtra)

If you love road trips, then the Pune-Tarkarli road along the coast of Konka is a great destination.  On the way, you’ll find forts, temples, hillside resorts, dining rooms, and small restaurants serving delectable seafood. Trips to the beaches of Konkan are an experience of tranquility, pristine beauty, mesmerizing sunsets, and delicious seafood. It’s the best …

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Hiking and Camping Essentials

The Ultimate Hiking and Camping Essentials for 2021

A week outdoors could be a fantastic adventure? Or a nightmare. A good or poor camping experience typically comes down to just one factor: what you have packed for the trip (or not packed it). Reliable and user-friendly camping gear will make your journey smooth and help escape the buyer’s regret. Here are some of the best camping essentials to invest in, whether you are a newbie or want to make your load lighter.

Zero Waste Essentials during travel

5 Zero Waste Essentials During Travel That Will Actually Make Your Life Better.

Traveling to different places is indeed a lifetime experience. It’s among those things that help us refresh our body and soul. However, the major drawback concerned with traveling is the waste that gets accumulated everywhere we travel. It’s a human tendency to throw things here and there once they are useless. And we end up unwittingly trashing the very spot we came to see – so there needs to be a step towards zero waste, aka sustainable, aka eco-friendly tourism.

Travel Accessories for Desert Safari

10 Amazing Travel Accessories for Desert Safari

traveling to a Desert is your choice, then let us be your voice. There are so many stunning deserts that never fail to stun any traveler. From Australian Outback to the Sahara Desert, you have plenty of choices if you want to plan a trip hundreds of miles away from your place. Surfing on the sand, witnessing mirage effect, cactus plants, etc. are among those things that make these destinations quite fun.

Travel Accessories for Jungle Safari

Simple Guidance For You In Travel Accessories For Jungle Safari.

In case you have never been on a jungle safari, packing can be an overwhelming job. For some, a wild jungle safari is an amazing outing. Notwithstanding where you’re going, you’re anxiously wandering off in your fantasies of moving through tremendous savannahs in an open-top jeep looking for lions, scanning the red deserts for elephants, or traveling across rainforests looking for monkeys. But on the other hand, you’re stressed over the warm or chilly weather, the absence of power, the bugs, and, honestly, have no clue about what to pack for such an exceptional outing.

Travel Accessories for Divine Spiritual places

Quick Guide to Travel Accessories For Divine/Spiritual Places

A trip to the divine place is the most noteworthy aspect of a tour. Packing the right items can make the tour relaxing and significant. Your journey starts in the preparation stage from the second you state “yes” to your inward stirrings. Right from choosing the right traditional wear to comfortable slippers, divine place packing needs to be well-structured. There are many divine items that you should carry and must be well informed about earlier. Traveling itself is an emotional experience but planning and visiting a divine palace is a new emotional experience in itself.

Ultimate Travel Accessories for Beach Vacation

Ultimate Travel Accessories For Beach Vacation in 2021

Are you planning a relaxing holiday on the beach? As the vibes and vitality attached to the beach are beyond compare, beaches are undeniably the ideal holiday spots. Beautiful scenery, lovely crowds, greenery, and shacks are ideal for relaxing and stress-free holidays. Unquestionably, packing for a beach destination varies from going to a hill station. …

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