A Perfect Book Review of Pilgrim Nation By DEVDUTT PATTANAIK

In the midst of all the controversy encompassing the writer Devdutt Pattanaik, We are certain we will be Judged for having gotten his most recent book. Not being an extremely religious individual, I appreciate a decent book that investigates the actual essence of our country. Our nation has consistently been wealthy in culture, and maybe this is why individuals from everywhere around the world come down to visit the sacred holy sites that it houses.

The Book Pilgrim nation was written by Devdutt Pattanaik and distributed by Aleph Book Company.

Devdutt Pattanaik takes us across existence, that is, to 32 heavenly destinations in India and, that as well, from The Vedic Age (over 3,000 years prior) to right now.

The explorer spots are arranged depending on the ordered periods when they grew to noticeable quality.

Let’s get started by posting every one of them here to keep the record:

The Vedic Age (>3000 years)

  • 1) Varanasi, UP
  • 2) Sandatti, Karnataka
  • 3) Vaishnodevi, J&K
  • 4) Manali, HP
  • 5) Dwarka, Gujarat

The Shramana Age (>2500 years)

  • 6) Ranakpur, Rajasthan
  • 7) Shravanabelagola, Karnataka
  • 8) Bodhgaya, UP

The Puranic Age (>1500 years)

  • 9) Madurai, TN
  • 10) Puri, Odisha
  • 11) Kolhapur, Maharashtra
  • 12) Simhachalam, AP
  • 13) Tirupati, AP
  • 14) Ujjain, MP

The Tantrik Age (>1000 years)

  • 15) Guwahati, Assam
  • 16) Delhi
  • 17) Hirapur, Odisha
  • 18) Sharada, PoK

The Islamic Age (>800 years)

  • 19) Udvada, Parsi sanctuaries
  • 20) Srirangam, TN
  • 21) Lucknow, UP
  • 22) Amritsar, Punjab

The Bhakti Age (>700 years)

  • 23) Jejuri, Maharashtra
  • 24) Nathdwara, Rajasthan
  • 25) Pandharpur, Karnataka
  • 26) Badrinath, Uttarakhand

The European Age (>400 years)

  • 27) Velankanni, TN
  • 28) Kolkata, WB
  • 29) Delhi

The Nation-State (>70 years)

  • 30) Agra, UP
  • 31) Sabarimala, Kerala
  • 32) Roadside Shrine, Mumbai

A Brief About The Book Pilgrim nation

He concludes the book with the sacred houses of the superstars, hence, giving us an accurate picture of a pilgrimage.

Pilgrim Nation is a splendid book that unites data around 32 of such heavenly destinations fundamentally. The concise history behind every one of them will enrich your insight with the legendary characters included.

For instance,

  • Are you aware there are sanctuaries devoted to Karna and Duryodhana?
  • I loved finding out about the Dakshineswar sanctuary and Rani Rashmoni, who built it. She was a tough lady pioneer who upheld women’s empowerment in Kolkata during British Raj.
  • Next, I enjoyed finding out about the Taj Mahal. Indeed, the creator depicted the Taj Mahal as a traveler site instead of a vacationer place since it’s sacred. Furthermore, the hotly debated issue of what not many mythologists trusted used to be Tejo Mahalaya.
  • Then the Sabarimala Temple of God Ayyappan. Here he has communicated his considerations with certified realities about the continuous social and strict zeal dependent on gender differences. I loved that he has added the lord’s background events, which might be why these rules were continued, with few illustrations altogether.
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The Book Pilgrim Nation gives us a shrewd excursion of ancient and current divinities, unwind the mind-boggling and layered history, geology, and creative mind of the land once known as ‘place where there is the Indian blackberry’ (Jambudvipa), ‘place where there are streams’ (Sindhusthala in Sanskrit, or Hindustan in Persian), ‘breadth of King Bharata’ (Bharatvarsha, or Bharatkhanda), and even’ house of bliss’ (Sukhavati to the Chinese).

I preferred this book since it isn’t only a geological or historical portrayal of religious sites. Still, he has introduced musings and realities that made me consider the privilege and wrongs present in our customs. There’s something extraordinary and refined about the creator’s method of clarifying myths and legends. It’s not troublesome in any way and can be appreciated by anybody keen on finding out about folklore. Likewise, things are kept to the point without boring lengthy paragraphs that even an occasional reader will enjoy.

The author tracks the intricate stories and layered local records encompassing the locales from both the ancient writings and oral practices, revealing the legendary viewpoints, the social importance, and the representative translations behind the ceremonies, customs, and thoughts held in these specific areas.

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I, however, wished that there were colored photographs to support the chapters; however, this can be disregarded contrasted with the rich substance this book has to bring to the table.

The other surprising thing is the diverse culture that I ran over while understanding it; it wasn’t about religion; it’s not around one custom; it’s about the diversity in our country. The book is about how every holy site was found and how extraordinary and exciting they are. Out and out, it is such a fantastic masterpiece with simple composition.

Final Words on the Book Pilgrim Nation

Pilgrim Nation by Devdutt Pattanaik was quite possibly the most foreseen books of 2020, and it is rightfully so. This book is elegantly composed, insightful, and illuminating, giving delightful representations in the parts that guide the perspicacious readers’ creative minds.

I cherished reading ‘Pilgrim Nation’ that covers the mainstream Pilgrim Sites, both religious and secular, from ancient and current traditions, of Bharatvarsh.

If you are eager to read this book then you can get purchase your hard copy from amazon, which I am sure will be an additional great experience in your life.

However if you are an e-book fan, then we have taken care of your interest and you can download your free E-book copy for free.

Also, If you are a true reader the you might wanna read the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and its review.

Choice is yours. Keep Reading. Keep Learning. Keep Traveling.



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