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Quick Guide To Choose Best Travel Compact Camera Gear of 2021

Many of you have must have wondered about my compact camera gear and how I could take pictures of myself when traveling alone, so I decided to put together the ultimate travel photography guide for people who want to fly light without losing the opportunity to capture incredible images. Let’s get started, shall we?

Let me first describe the kind of traveler to whom this guide will suit. This guide will perfectly fit a solitary traveler who enjoys mountain climbing and prefers to ride light. For Guys who love photography and film making, this guide will focus on photography equipment that is both light-weight and strong.

Please note that this list is not for everybody, but the gear on this list has done me well over the past couple of years of travel. Any of the photography gear you need to keep in your daypack at all times is mentioned below:


Sony RX100 M3

Sony RX100 M3 - Compact Camera Gear

As my primary camera, I use a Sony RX100 M3. Believe it or not, most of the pictures and videos I took were with this little compact camera. Don’t be deceived by its small size since the Sony RX100 M3 packs a strong punch. It captures photographs with a resolution of up to 20 megapixels and a Zeiss lens with a focal length of 24mm and a large aperture.

It has an optical viewfinder built-in, something you won’t find in any other digital camera. To top it all off, it shoots RAW and has some manual power for those who choose to aim manually, all in a body that fits within my side pockets.

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Since this camera is basically in my pocket all the time, I could catch things that I may not have been able to capture with a bigger camera. As an example, consider taking your DSLR camera to a night out with friends at a local bar. It doesn’t sound like you’ll be having fun all the time with the big camera around your waist, does it?

If you despise flying with your bulky DSLR, the RX100 M3 is the way to go.

Silver Edition GoPro Hero 4

Silver Edition GoPro Hero 4 - Compact Camera Gear

I just used a GoPro camera to film action videos, water events, and time-lapses. With all of the GoPro gadgets, I was able to take beautiful photographs and videos in areas where my primary camera could not, such as underwater or on top of my head while biking. I even use GoPro to film timelapse, which frees up my primary camera to take other shots while the GoPro does all of the jobs.

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Added Extras

Sony RX100 M3 Replacement Batteries

Sony RX100 M3 Replacement Batteries

The Sony RX100 M3 battery life can be poor due to its limited size and the beast mode it unlocks. It only lasts a day with heavy use, but having an extra battery on hand saves the day. Often, when camping, the cold weather will quickly drain the power, so having a fully charged battery as a replacement for when you need it is beneficial.

A Portable Light – Weight Tripod

A Portable Light - Weight Tripod

Many people have asked me how you can take a shot of yourself when traveling alone. Here’s the answer: You use a tripod. You will be able to capture several breathtaking images of yourself with the scenery by combining a tripod and a timer app. Typically, a tripod is a heavy piece of equipment, but due to the scale and weight of the Sony RX100 M3, a light-weight tripod will be more than adequate.

2 x SD Cards (64GB)

2 x SD Cards (64GB)

I shoot all in RAW (photos) and XACV-S (videos) format, which takes up a lot of space, so getting a few SD cards with a lot of space is essential. I discovered that I could fly for almost a month before filling up an SD card, so 2 – 3 are generally sufficient for a three-month journey.

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3-Way Stick for Go-pro

3-Way Stick for Go-pro

A 3-way stick is a GoPro attachment used as a tripod, a monopod, or a grip for GoPro cameras. This is used to film wild tricks that you would do from various angles. The stick can also be turned into a compact tripod for timelapse photography.

The GoPro Frame Mount

The GoPro Frame Mount

When there is no water involved and try to take sharp footages on a clear day, the waterproof housing will cause an irritating develop effect (due to the reflection of the sun and the translucent housing) that will spoil your footages. This is where The Frame Mount comes into play. The Frame Mount is essentially a GoPro mount without the housing, and I use it for my GoPro most of the time when I’m not going somewhere near water. The mount is also considerably lighter to ship than the waterproof housing.

A GoPro Headstrap

A GoPro Headstrap

When you are into extreme sports, you would love to use GoPro. It enables you to take action shots without having to use your hands. This, along with the GoPro wide-angle lens, are ideal for taking action shots that require interaction with the environment, such as biking and kayaking.

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You inquired if you should get a chest strap or a head strap. It would be best if you chose the head strap, so you don’t have to turn your whole body to show the audience what you see as you do with a chest band. All you have to do is turn your back, and that’s it.


Little America Daypack by Herschel Supply

Little America Daypack by Herschel Supply

Last but not least, you can’t do without your Navy Blue Herschel Supply’s backpack to cart all of your gear around with you at all times. What is the significance of Herschel Supply? First and foremost, it is stylish as hell. Secondly, the ability is more than sufficient to hold all of the stuff we mentioned, plus a hat, a laptop, some snacks, and water bottles, and finally, a decent book, which is all you need for a great mountain hike.

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WD My Passport Portable External Hard Drive (2 TB)

WD My Passport Portable External Hard Drive (2 TB)

To back up pictures and recordings, have two identical My Passport HDs with 2TB each. One goes with you on the road and the other stays at home. The worst fear a photographer could ever face when your bag gets robbed along with your external hard drive.

The total cost for all the above equipment’s is USD 1529.94.

That concludes our photography gear guide for the lightweight solo traveler. What are your thoughts? Is there something we’ve left off the list? Please provide your suggestions in the comments section below.

So that’s it from my side. I hope I am able to give you the best of my knowledge to enhance your travel experience with perfect travel gear. Do let me know in the comments section below. Tell me if you have used any of these gears personally or find any of this particularly interesting. Or if you would like to recommend anything to our community.

That’s me, Sanyam jain for you today. I will come up with another amazing set of gadgets for you. Till then, be safe, keep exploring, keep traveling.



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We don’t spam! Read our privacy policy for more info.

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