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About Cleopatra's Travel

Welcome to Cleopatra’s Travel, the ultimate guide on all you need to know about travel.
We Share Exciting Travel Stories with our travel lovers community and spread the knowledge of exotic places on the Earth that one must visit in a lifetime.
We also guide you about smart travel gadgets that make your travel easier when you should only be enjoying your trip and not worrying about dozen other things.
Our informative blogs explain how traveling becomes fun by carrying some different safety or leisure devices.
We have write-ups on travel tips for women, must-have accessories, travel diaries to some exotic and great Indian architectural places, hotel reviews, to-do checklists, and a lot more to excite you.
Our valuable tips, along with engaging travel stories, supported by some beautiful travel photography will help you avoid common mistakes made during travel.
We wish you can travel different parts of the world and add some memorable experiences in your bucket list.
Keep Exploring, Stay Excited, Live Long And Travel Longer .!
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About The Authors

Madhuri Rao

Hello Traveler, I am Madhuri Rao, an IT Professional, or I should say, used to be. I am a curious girl who likes roaming around to make memories and learn new things. More than destinations, I enjoy meeting new people and engaging in meaningful conversations. 

Many of life’s little pleasures bring me joy. An exchange of smiles with a stranger will occasionally raise my spirits. By nature a hopeless romantic hence  prefer the countryside to cities any day, anywhere in the world. My father instilled in me a lifelong love of travel and books. I’ve been to almost every nook and cranny of India thanks to my Dad.

In 2020, I quit my IT career, and it was a very difficult year for me. I have always been a travel lover and wanted to start something related to travel industry. With work opportunities becoming increasingly scarce, starting your own business was the risky yet only viable alternative.

Cleopatra’s Travel is a reflection of my passion.  I’ve always assumed that travel and tourism make the world a better place. Blessed to be in a space where you can encourage people to dream of exploring distant lands as well as exploring their own backyard. I started Cleopatra’s Travel with sharing my own travel stories, but it has evolved. Thanks to you, the readers.

I schedule my travels based on new locations and adventures you tell me about. It motivates me to write more when you tell me that my travel stories helped you pick your next destination.

I am convinced that the places we visit are influenced by our travel decisions. I, for one, strive to contribute to the local economy by taking public transportation, avoiding plastic bottled water and other single-use plastic, eating what grows in the city, and forming my own views about the places I visit and the people I encounter.

Sanyam Jain - Digitool Master

Sanyam Jain - Digitool Master​

Hello Traveler. My Name is Sanyam Jain, Your Digitool Master. I am a Digital Tools Expert and I help you find the best digital tools on the internet to ease your life at your work.

Here at Cleopatra’s Travel, I am your Digital Guide to help you find and learn about the Best, Latest and Super-cool Tools & Gadgets to make your Travel experience Super-Awesome. 

Just to help you, I keep an eye on the market to try & test the latest gadgets and review them so that you don’t have to waste time & money on the gadgets that doesn’t satisfy your needs.

If you want to share your experience, have a query or want me to review any gadget, travel accessory or digital tool in the market, you can write to me @EMAIL and I will get review that for you. Cool, isn’t it ?

So this is all about me for now, but to know more about us, don’t forget Follow Cleopatra’s Travel For Latest Updates.

So share your travel experience with me @EMAIL, and I will feature it on Cleopatra’s Travel Social Handles to Let the World Know About You.

I wish you to have a great travel experience in your life around the globe and I hope to see soon.

Good Luck…! Happy Traveling…!



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