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6 Travel Safety Tips To Save You From Being Conned

Assume you step on the train and encounter a very hot guy your age, and you start getting butterflies in your stomach. You talk for hours inside the train, eat dinner, and then eventually fall asleep, with a strange curiosity taking over your mind’s vigilance. You wake up, and there’s a bang!

The man vanishes, as does your wallet. A similar thing had happened to one of my colleagues. Being deprived of money or possessions when traveling reduces the enjoyment of the trip by introducing unnecessary hassles and anxieties.

Although we cannot predict if or when wrongdoers will attack us, here are a few precautions and travel safety tips we should take to prevent getting duped when traveling:

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Plan All Ahead of Time From Reliable Sources

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To stop having to depend on someone for assistance on your trip, aim to book anything ahead of time, from fares, trains, taxis, and hotels to visitor attraction tickets. Also, do your homework before booking a hotel. Finally, please just book through reputable websites. Unfortunately, Internet fraud is still a significant issue in today’s world.

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Do not put your trust in strangers, particularly those that assist without being asked.

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Crooks who want to deceive and loot are always excellent speakers, and they know how to get you to sit and listen to them. Perhaps they can tell you something that seems to save you money on your trip or assist you in taking shorter routes.

These individuals also help without being requested. Remember, there are so few individuals on the planet who would assist without a need. So, never put your faith in strangers on your trip.

Do you find a conflict between two Stangers to be interesting? Immediately avoid it

travel safety tips - bus Fight
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Another method thieves use to confuse travelers is to get two individuals to clash loudly and attract attention to it. Be careful not to get engrossed in such battles. They may also cover subjects as diverse as cricket, fashion, and literature. Don’t get caught up in the feud, or your assets and records will be lost in no time.

Provide Directions Carefully

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A stranger can approach you and ask for directions. If you know the routes, assist them but with caution. Maintain vigilance for your eyes and ears. Check to make sure it isn’t a ruse to divert your attention.

A Blind Person Or A Child Beggar May Be A Scam

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Suppose a blind or deaf individual approaches you and asks for assistance, attempt to validate the intent, as not even those who seem to be blind or deaf are truthful. All of them are mentally healthy and claim to be physically ill to steal from you. Be cautious in the presence of child beggars as well.

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Be Wary If You Have Ketchup Or Bird Poop On Your Cloth

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It is a popular method used by criminals to mislead travellers. They will purposefully spill ketchup and bird poop on your cloth and then give you a tissue for assistance. You’ll get interrupted by wiping the ketchup, and they’ll grab your things.

If you like this blog, then here are some more travel tips that you should not miss out on before traveling.

There are a few basic stuff to keep in mind before going on a tour. However, they could save us from a slew of blunders. We can have a clean, secure, and hassle-free travel experience if we follow these guidelines and have a little luck. Good Luck until we meet next time. Don’t forget to travel.



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